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May the Force be with you...sorta

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Sep. 23rd, 2008 | 06:24 pm
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posted by: just_mihi in fanfic_luckydip

Title: Worlds Apart
Characters: Beru Whitesun (Luke Skywalker's future Aunt) and Padme (formerly Queen Amidala of the Naboo)
Rating: 12A (for a teensy bit of swearing)
Word Count: Still word-less so I've no clue...
Notes: If you don't know STAR WARS, then you must have been living under a rock most of your life (or live in rural France - take your pick). But, basically, this is set during Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and (if you haven't seen the movie) is the point where Padme - Luke Skywalker's Mum - and his Aunt meet and have some female bonding. I made up a few planet names, coz I was too lazy to go on one of those fan websites where like they have maps of the STAR WARS galaxy. 
Um, also, I beg poetic licence for the reference to Sherlock Holmes, who doesn't exist in STAR WARS universe, but it was funny. Or I thought so anyway.


"So, what about you?" The young woman, Padme, started and swung her head around gracefully. She did everything gracefully; Beru had noticed that. 

"I'm sorry?" Padme's voice was soft and almost painfully polite. Beru wondered what she was thinking beneath the sophisticated visage she presented. A paranoid grain within her warned that it might well be uncomplimentary.

"What about you?" Beru repeated, "Who are you? I mean, I know your name, but beyond that..." She smiled, "the picture is pretty sketchy." A slender eyebrow arched itself in pleasurable surprise.

"Do you want my official title?"

"There's an official title is there?!" laughed Beru, her eyes twinkling. Padme smiled, obviously more at ease.

"A tiresome thing, such a trial, but one must do what one must do." She shrugged her delicate little shoulder and giggled a bit. Beru found herself wondering what happened when Padme was caught in a high wind - she imagined that the tiny woman would be blown clean away.

"But of course." Beru laughed too, though hers sounded harsher and rougher in the wake of Padme's trill, "So, come on then, what is it? Lady Padme? Queen?"

"It used to be." Beru choked.

"You're joking." The Ex-Queen's head shivered fragilely from side to side in dainty denial.

"Not in the slightest."

"Fuck me." Padme smiled again.

"That was a while ago though. They've elected a new Queen now." Beru's mind whirred briefly, links between various facts suddenly connecting.

"So, you're from Crasita, or Naboo?" Padme's eyebrows floated upwards.

"Yes, Naboo." Beru chuckled.

"Thank you for the note of surprise." Padme's cheeks coloured prettily.

"No, no. Gods, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. It's just, the last time I was here, no one knew much about anything further away than Damos." Beru grinned.

"Don't worry about it, my galactic trivia is better than most. I took Interplanetary Politics when I was at Academy."

"Really? How interesting." Beru snorted.

"Better than internal politics. Tatooine is boring beyond belief. Sand, rocks and more sand." Padme trilled again, her eyes alight. Beru felt her warmest feelings ignited. Whoever this Padme really was, she would hold a place in her heart for her. Anakin couldn't have chosen a lovelier woman. 

"You should try internal politics on Corusant. Dry as crisped paper." They both laughed, their voices rising high into the dim evening sky.

"Corusant then is it?" Padme clapped a hand gently to her mouth.

"I'm not supposed to say." She admitted, her eyes bespeaking mischief. 

"Let me try to work it out then." Beru drummed her fingers against her lips. "Naboo, Corusant, politics...hmmm. I take it you aren't a Jedi then." Padme laughed.


"Not supposed to get involved with the political allocation of power are they."

"No." Beru felt like adding, 'They're not supposed to form relationships either', but somehow, she thought that wouldn't be well received. Let Anakin and Padme break whatever rules they wanted - it wasn't her business.

"Well then," she said finally, "I can see only one possible occupation for you Padme." Padme lent her head encouragingly to one side.

"Do go on."

"You must be a Senator." 

"That's me."

"And," Beru carried on, determined to showcase her deductions, "as Naboo's representative - I assume -" Padme nodded, "you must be Senator Amidala." Padme threw up her hands in defeat. 

"You have me. I can hide no more from you." Beru grinned.

"Thank you, just call me Beru 'Sherlock' Whitesun." 

"Ah, elementary, my dear Whitesun!" They laughed.

Overhead, the twin suns sunk lower and lower, bathing the Tatooine desert in a blood-light. The two women, one in pure white (now stained by the sunset) and the other in a rustic blue, stood shoulder to shoulder on the lip of the sunken courtyard.

"What's it like?" asked Padme suddenly, her eyes glowing like coals in the twilight.

"What's what like?"

"Normal life. Getting up in the morning and not worrying about being assassinated come evening." Beru looked at the other woman with sudden understanding. It suddenly made much more sense for the most influential senator in the Republic to be standing beside her on the little outer-rim planet of Tatooine - on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

"It's peaceful." Beru injected as much comfort into her voice as possible. She sensed that above all else, Padme felt very alone that night.

"Would you trade it?"

"Not for all the glamour and lights of Corsuant." Padme nodded and sighed. Beru turned back to the sinking suns with a sympathetic smile. "What about you?" They had returned to that question again.

"I?" Padme was silent for a moment and Beru sensed her turn to face the West, whence her beau had gone. When her reply finally came, it was so soft, Beru almost didn't catch it. "Maybe." She whispered in a troubled tone.




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