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Multifandom Fanfic Lucky Dip Extravaganza!

The Multi-Fandom Lucky Dip Fanfic-athon.
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It does exactly what it says on the tin. This is the community for my brand-spanking-new fanfic challenge. It's multifandom, with an element of lucky dip challenges, reasonably relaxed and you can participate whenever you feel like. It may or may not also have a touch of the silly. Interested? Check out the rules below.

Rules and organisation

1. All participants make a list of ten fandoms they can and want to write fics about. You may, if you want, include ONE crossover and ONE original fic and ONE RPS within the list if you want. They don't have to be in a particular order, and please, no changing numbers around halfway through, as that takes half the fun out of it. Keep this list secret.
2. Every Sunday, a prompt is provided (the first one will be provided by me, for the rest, see below). This prompt might be a picture, a song, a word, a phrase, a quote anything prompt like. If you want to join in this prompt, comment on the post.
3. With this prompt will be a number, and you have to write a fic for the corresponding fandom on your list. e.g. If your list was: 1. Torchwood, 2. Discworld, 3. Doctor Who, 4. Harry Potter etc. and the prompt was 'Blue' and the number 4, you could write a fic about Ravenclaws...
4. Post your fic, with this attached:

Word count:
Pairing, if applicable:

5. On Friday, there's a vote post. Everyone votes for the fic they enjoyed the most (yes, even if you don't know the fandom...), and you can vote if you're just reading, it's all good. Voting ends at midnight on Saturday. Whoever wins gets to do the next prompt.

6. Some prompt rules: Virtually anything is allowed apart from: Something specific one fandom, something which effectively forces someone to be explicit (let people go there by interpretation) and...that's all. You can even set a word limit, if you want to make my life very difficult want to make it a different kind of challenge.

First prompt will be this Monday, 7th of July.

Still confused? Questions are most welcome here.